Josip Šokčević

Hello World! It's me again.

I decided to refresh my personal website, and with it, I thought it would be good to write more. This is not a NY resolution - it’s something I wanted to do for a while but never allocated time for it. Moving forward, I hope to write on a monthly basis, and to write in both English and Croatian (still need to figure out how that will look exactly).

My last personal blog post was from 2011. It was written before I got my first full time job. Since then, I’ve worked for three different companies, all in the Bay Area. I worked on many interesting products, I faced many challenging technical problems and I certainly learned a ton. My goal with resuming this blog is to share my experiences, thoughts and opinions. I don’t expect all topics to be purely technical, but, as that’s my strongest skill, it will likely be the majority.

About this blog

I decided to use a SSG (Static State Generator) instead of a CMS. I landed on Hugo, and decided it was simple enough to get started. I found a theme called Paper that I liked. I expect to change a few things over the coming months, but for now - I’m very happy.